Remote Work & Culture

Why would a founder take a new role? Well — the time was right!

Throughout my 5 years as a founder at Instant Teams, I’ve functioned as the COO (Chief Operating Officer.) My role has essentially been to design and builds the processes, infrastructure, culture and business footprints that align to growth and stability and pave the way for our 5, 8, 10-year road map.


Doing this in collaboration with our amazing teams has helped us to achieve something really special at Instant Teams in the past 5 years. It works! We have over 600 remote employees, 40% are military spouses, and demand continues to be high.

What’s even better? As our VP of Revenue,Liz Scruggs would say, “we’ve broken the org chart.” So we have strategically designed our next phase with new leaders joining Liza Rodewald and me as we continue on the path of growth and scale.

AND…..It’s now time for me to pivot and grow deeper into focus areas at Instant Teams that are truly my passion and the areas that light me up.

And don’t worry – we have some new hire announcements releasing within the next week that will blow your socks off! All operational and scaling efforts at Instant Teams are expanding and additional leadership wins are inbound.

With that said, I’m excited to announce that I am stepping into a new position as Chief People & Community Officer at Instant Teams.

This new role will be doubling down on our community engagement (in big ways), remote culture programming, recruitment and outreach systems and processes, training and skill development, benefits and career advancement paths, DEI, community partnerships, and assuring our people and community remain the mission.

With a few weeks of continued big news, transitions, and change management ahead of us, I am so proud of where we started, where we’ve made it to date but am acutely aware of the deep, dedicated work still required to manifest our core values in every journey (customer, employees, community), every day. Thanks TO EACH AND EVERY ONE of you who’ve been a part of this along the way.

As the People-Focused Leader in a People-Centric business, I love truly digging into the core of what makes people motivated, the science of why people work for the advancement and stay the course, and creating a space where the good can be celebrated and challenges brought to the table in all shapes and forms.

Here we goooooo!!!