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Twelve Million Plus – powered by Instant Teams – is the first and only (free!) verified community app exclusively for military spouses.

12M+ enables and encourages military spouses to gather, connect, and share their knowledge and experiences. You can access resources that support military families, personal and professional development, employment opportunities, financial wellness, and more – bringing together our global community like never before.

With Twelve Million Plus you can:

  • Meet other MilSpouses via questions, prompts, chat, and live streams
  • Share stories, experiences, and ideas
  • Take advantage of workshops, courses, events, and more
  • Accomplish life goals with the help of a supportive community
  • Achieve results we want – but are nearly impossible to get on our own without a community
  • We’re not exaggerating when we say this app is awesome!

Our Community Culture

Say hello and introduce yourself.

One of the easiest ways for all of us to find each other begins with an introduction. Use the introduction prompt in your profile to say hello.

Join in.

 Add your stories, experiences, and ideas to our prompts to make your time here as valuable as possible. There are no dumb questions here in Twelve Million Plus — ask away!

Be cool.

We’re building something special here, which means each of us needs to be supportive and respectful. Share your stories or experiences. Don’t judge. And obviously, don’t spam or promote.

Connect generously.

A community only gets stronger by contributing and connecting. When people introduce themselves, welcome them! Find people near you or like you. Dash off a quick note or reaction that will make someone’s day — another great reason to download the mobile app!

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