6 Black-Owned Military-Connected Businesses You Should Know About

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, we at Instant Teams stand and honor all of the great pillars and figures that have helped shape and mold Black History Month. This is not only a time to Remember the Legacy but also an opportunity to celebrate the Forming of the Future for BHM!

With that, please like, share, follow all of these Black Military-Connected Owned Businesses we proudly observe and endorse.


1. NORIE Shoe Company

Hello Lover! Combat Veteran Natasha Norie created a shoe company to provide comfortable, stylish, and high-quality shoes at an affordable luxury price point.

CEO & Founder Natasha Norie

Website  |   Facebook   |   Instagram


2. Honey Bea Hive

Interested in creating a bolder look in 2022? Visit Military Spouse Tanika’s Etsy shop and take a look at the beautiful pieces she has that can take your wardrobe from okay to fab.

Honey Bea HiveHoney Bea HiveHoney Bea Hive

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3. Keep Your Hair Headgear

Protect your hair with silk/satin-lined headwear that works for your lifestyle. The company was founded by Army Veteran Natasha Hinds.

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 11.20.53 AMKeep Your Hair Headgear

Website  |   Facebook   |   Instagram

4. Full of Hope Bakery

Who doesn’t love baked goods? Full of Hope Bakery is owned by Gabbie, an active-duty military spouse that is stationed in Guam. While she may not have a storefront yet, she ships worldwide so don’t let their location stop you from tasting one of these amazing treats.

Full of Hope BakeryFull of Hope Bakery Full of Hope Bakery

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5. CRP Wrap Inc.

Inventor and Founder of CRP Wrap Felicia Jackson created her company to make performing CPR less intimidating and accessible to everyone.

Child_Packaging_003_07010437-e6ad-42bd-91bc-af8eeac4d792_1200x           CRP Wrap Inc.

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6. J&K Style Grill

Looking for a food truck for your next block party? If you live in Virginia look no further than this military family-run business in Hampton Roads,VA. Their interesting vision for culinary exploration helps to bring military-connected individuals together.

J&K Style GrillJ&K Style GrillJ&K Style Grill

Website  |   Facebook   |   Instagram