Corporate Leadership

Liza Rodewald

Liza is a 4x entrepreneur and software engineer. She is currently the CEO and Founder of Instant Teams and Twelve Million Plus. She has scaled the company to over 500 employees, raised more than $16M in venture capital and landed at #13 on the Inc. 5000 list for Human Resources across the nation.

Starting Instant Teams

Liza and Erica met as freshly uprooted military families in 2014. They quickly identified that they shared a common bond in not only the entrepreneurial and technology space but that they also had a heart for the community around them.

Throughout their professional journeys, they had both seen a need for disruptive solutions for remote team development. Companies craved immediate access to the best talent, while their peers and neighbors in the military community needed a direct connection to flexible work opportunities. Liza and Erica knew with their combined background in software development and community development, they could build a solution to bridge the growing gap.

In 2016, Liza founded Instant Teams with Erica McMannes. Together, they created a talent marketplace that uses innovative technology, career development, and a focus on skills-based hiring to create employment solutions for companies and remote careers for military and veteran spouses.

Early investors included The Founder Institute, Squadra Ventures, Frontier Venture Capital, and Right Side Capital Management. In March 2022, Instant Teams closed a $13 Million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global.

Instant Teams has been recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, RemoteTech Breakthrough, Blue Star Families, and Hiring Our Heroes. In 2022, Instant Teams made the Inc. 5000 List as No. 208 overall, No. 13 in the HR Industry, and No. 9 in North Carolina.

Commitment to the Military Community

In 2023, Instant Teams launched Twelve Million Plus, the first verified and only digital community for the more than twelve million military spouses stationed around the globe. Twelve Million Plus also opened a free co-working space in Southern Pines, NC. The kid-friendly community space gives local military spouses a place to connect, co-work,and upskill. Instant Teams proudly supports local businesses and has hosted networking events, comedy shows, career panels, and local business groups.Liza and Instant Teams are committed to improving military spouse unemployment rates by providing remote opportunities, career continuation, and opportunities to upskill. Instant Teams has also participated in Congressional roundtables, National Defense Authorizations Act reports, Department of Defense pilot programs, and policy/advocacy work around military spouse hiring and entrepreneurship. In 2023, Liza was invited to attend the Executive Order Signing for Military Spouse Employment at Fort Liberty. Liza joined President Biden and other leaders in the military community to celebrate an important step in the fight to improve military spouse employment.