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Case Study:  Boomtown – Tech Support Teams

About Boomtown

Boomtown provides support services on point of sale (POS) systems for small businesses, restaurant and retail chains, and merchant service and technology providers. With over 300,000 businesses that they serve, their support team is always busy helping customers get the most out of their product technology.



Boomtown’s business needs change quickly as they sign new contracts, and they didn’t have the flexibility needed to scale their team up and down to support these new contracts.

Coverage Across Time Zones

With customers located throughout the country, Boomtown faced challenges in hiring talent that could cover all time zones across the US to support their customers.

Use of Internal Resources

Before Instant Teams, Boomtown was hiring candidates either internally or through contract work. This took time away from their internal resources and was difficult to find the high-quality candidates they needed.

Getting Started with Instant Teams

Boomtown started by hiring just one employee from Instant Teams for their customer support team. Boomtown communicated their needs, desired hiring profile, timeline, and price points in order to find the most qualified candidates. Within one month, Instant Teams had found, hired, and onboarded their first employee for Boomtown.

“Instant Teams provided some pretty interesting candidates right off the bat. They really were sharp folks, and I was impressed with how quickly Instant Teams was able to access their database and come up with [them].”

– Rusty Thulin, Vice President of Human Capital

The Scaling Process

Boomtown quickly saw how skilled and qualified their first hire was and wanted to scale their team. Since the initial hire, Boomtown has added 4 more employees to their team with faster onboarding and training each time. All of the new hires have added a great deal of long-term value to the company and all have been working with Boomtown for 6 months+.

The Ongoing Relationship

Instant Teams’ relationship with Boomtown never stopped, even after candidates were placed on their team. Remote employees are highly plugged into the Instant Team & Boomtown community with regular communication and reviews. Instant Team’s success manager checks in with both the employees and Boomtown to make sure all parties are happy with the working environment and to resolve any issues that arise. Our continuous involvement keeps employees engaged and productive within the Boomtown team.

How Remote Employees Impacted Boomtown

24/7 Coverage

Due to the remote nature of Instant Teams’ candidates, Boomtown is now able to provide customer support across time zones. Many companies often see higher turnover rates or have to pay more for employees to work evenings. Our remote employees are located throughout the country, matching up with the time zones needed.

Opportunity for Scaling

It look less than one month from the very first conversation with Instant Teams to onboarding complete. This process would have normally taken Boomtown 2-3 months if handled internally.

“Whenever we need additional resources or assistance for one-off projects or ongoing support, we can easily start that conversation up and start fielding applicants quickly with Instant Teams.”

– Jim Newton, Director of Field Services

Added Value to the Boomtown Team

Several of the employees Instant Teams provided have been named “Badass Employee of the Month.” These team members have been ready to contribute to the team since day one and have added an incredible amount of value since their first day.

Support for the Military Community

Though it was not Boomtown’s initial intent to build a customer support team using members from the military-connected community, they are now supporting a social mission and building a team of greater diversity.

Bilingual Bonus

Boomtown needed its remote customer support team members to be native English speakers. Instant Teams was able to provide this and also has many bilingual speakers in its talent pool in case there are any future customers who need it.

“The quality speaks for itself, and the consistency has been a dream.”

– Jeanielle Taylor, Director of Customer Care

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