Doing Well By Doing Good: Instant Teams Hits A Home Run

Instant Teams was among the first at the starting line as CX transformed and WFH became feasible at scale. In fact, Instant Teams Founders, Liza Rodewald and Erica McMannes describe their mission this way:

“As remote-first experts since 2016, we’ve mastered the art of remote hiring, training, deploying, and managing teams at scale. As a customer experience marketplace, we partner with companies in sourcing from a remarkable, diverse workforce and empower military spouses with remote work. With our extensive database of pre-vetted talent, we build customized workforce solutions to support your business needs.”

The remote advantage is a powerful one. Recent research shows that remote workers are typically more productive and engaged than in-office workers. The distributed location of military spouses provides an obvious advantage for enterprises seeking nearshoring CX options. And startup time and cost for clients of Instant Teams is much reduced versus creating a new internal operation, hiring, orienting and training a new population, or relying on brick and mortar facilities.

But great talent and WFH flexibility isn’t enough. Instant Teams has trained many hundreds of its members in the specific skills required for top CX delivery:


  • Remote work proficiency: Adapting to remote work environments
  • Time management skills: Managing time efficiently, ensuring customer needs are promptly addressed.
  • Team-oriented: Excellent team play in collaborative environments.
  • Technological proficiency: Strong technical skills.
  • Organizational skills: Attention to detail and familiarity with regulatory standards, meticulous documentation and record-keeping.


Here’s how team members describe themselves and their skills:

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