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Employers: What Our 3.0 Release Means for You

Instant Teams uses skills accelerators, online assessments, and e-interviews to screen and verify candidates,  saving employers valuable time and resources while enabling them to hire highly skilled candidates directly through the Instant Teams Talent Marketplace.

Our talent pool – largely represented by the military-connected community – and our approach to skills-based hiring and assessments help companies increase diversity, reduce hiring biases, and quickly build higher-performing teams.

Building the right teams quickly and efficiently isn’t easy. We recognize that many businesses are looking to:

  • Remove biases in hiring 
  • Implement skills-based hiring
  • Ensure a candidate’s skills are the right match for the position
  • Shorten the hiring process
  • Improve employee retention

By working directly with our customers, we have created features that streamline and optimize the hiring process.

Here’s what employers can expect:

Customized E-interviews

Employers can opt to have candidates complete a custom, pre-recorded e-interview prior to live interviews. 

“The video interviews were extremely helpful and the skills assessments ensured we had the right fit for our job. Instant Teams made the process easy, and we are excited to work with our newly hired military spouse,” says Dean Emmerton, Managing Partner at Emko Capital.

E-interviews allow employers to screen and verify candidates, thereby saving time on numerous rounds of interviews and focusing on talent acquisition of candidates who have the skills to perform the work needed. E-interviews also enable employers to assess how a candidate presents themselves and articulates their skill set and experiences.

Verified Skills

We work with customers throughout the onboarding process to determine what skills are needed to succeed in a position. With our assessments, an employer always knows precisely what skills a candidate brings to the table. 

Employers can customize assessments and choose the scoring requirements a candidate must meet in order to be considered for a position. It’s a way to efficiently review and screen candidates without thumbing through a stack of resumes. (Plus, skills-based hiring is more effective and efficient.) 

Ongoing Support

Our Talent Acquisition Consultants work with our customers throughout onboarding, training, and hiring. We remove the guesswork and walk customers through extensive, full-fledged demos. 

We’re more than a service provider – we’re a trusted partner. We create customized solutions designed to fit a variety of hiring needs.

Want to learn more about the Instant Teams Talent Marketplace and how it can work for your business? Reach out here.