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How to Write a Bio that Helps You Land an RTM Position

Have you come across the “Describe yourself” section (what we like to call your “bio”) when creating your Story with Instant Teams and suddenly become stumped by the infamous blinking cursor? You freeze, losing all train of thought on the words you want to type.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Lately, we’ve been hearing more and more from our community that this particular piece of the winning Story puzzle is a roadblock on the journey to finding remote work.

So, our talent activation specialists have come to the rescue with their top tips (+ even some examples!) on how to write a bio that helps you land a position as an RTM with Instant Teams.

1. Resist the urge to copy + paste your entire resume. 

We know you’re beyond ready to create or update your profile so it’s ready for “prime time” (aka matching you with the remote position that suits you best). And copying and pasting your resume might seem like a good idea. It saves you a step, right?

But that’s not the case. Your resume only scratches the surface of what you can bring to the table as a member of a remote team. So go ahead and paint us the full picture. Write as if you’re speaking directly to your future employer, elaborating on your strengths and experiences as they relate to your career to date. This is your opportunity to really showcase your uniqueness!

2. Highlight remote work-relevant technologies or platforms you’re comfortable using.

As you know by now, digital skills play a big role in your success as an RTM. If you have experience with any of the main technologies or platforms we use regularly here at Instant Teams, then let us hear it here, too!

Maybe you’re well-versed in Slack, ClickUp, Google Workspace, Hubspot, or Salesforce. Whatever it may be, highlight it in the bio of your Story. Doing so will only help you stand out, proving you’re ready to succeed in the remote workforce.

Learn How To Write A Bio for your Resume

3. Give us the scoop on the type of work you enjoy. 

Are you a rock star at team building? Do you shine in fast-paced environments? Or maybe you have an appreciation for group collaboration over autonomous work? Give us the honest scoop on the type of work you enjoy.

After all, you’re looking to land a real remote opportunity that’s the right fit for you. We need to know where you thrive to be sure you’re paired with a position you’ll be confident showing up in and doing the work.

4. Keep it to an easy-to-digest length.

The open textbox might feel like an invitation to drop your full story. But we’ve found that community members who’ve kept their bio to an easy-to-digest length (we’re talking about a standard paragraph of 5-7 sentences) have found the most success in landing a position as an RTM. Remember: relevant and professional is the key.

5. Read it a few times through! 

Let’s be honest: spelling and grammar errors are the worst! But, they happen to the best of us. That said, take a moment to read your bio (and your entire Story while you’re at it!) a few times through, keeping a close eye out for any silly spelling or grammar errors. Grammarly is a free tool that can help you out here. That way, you can be confident you’re putting your best foot forward, creating a Story that’s nothing short of presentable to a potential customer. After all, your bio is what we like to call the “first impression.” Make it count!

Keep this in mind: your Story, as a whole, is never meant to be in its final form. You can always come back to it and make changes based on where you’re at on your journey. For example, when you add skills to your back pocket, take different courses, or complete another job, revisit it and ensure it’s up-to-date, so you can continue pushing forward to achieve your remote career dreams.

Need some help getting those creative writing juices flowing?

You’re in luck because we’re sharing a few examples of winning bios. *Please note that these are to be used as inspiration and not intended to be copied word for word. Find a way to implement one of these as a template, so you can make it your own!

I am an intelligent, hard-working, educated single mom looking to improve and grow both personally and professionally. As an English major and as an employee at a local publication company, I became comfortable researching and creating content on a variety of subjects. As a tutor and as a head cashier, I learned how to interact, train, and lead a diverse group of people. I’m continuing to develop new skills in data entry and am excelling in detail-oriented tasks, so I firmly believe I would be a strong asset on a remote team. I look forward to seeing where my future professional opportunities take me.

Upon graduating with a B.A. in Communications and Journalism from Western Illinois University, I joined a local newspaper publishing company as a copy editor and reporter. Looking to spread my wings, I moved to the National Capital Region and spent nearly 10 years working in the public policy field. The scope of my work focused on law and public policy studies, and law enforcement management, policies, and technologies. After leaving the D.C. area, I worked as an educator, and volunteered for various military and military family-centered nonprofits. More recently, I returned to my passion: writing. I’m a frequent contributor for a renowned publication in the military spouse space, and I’ve written for other publications on various current events. In addition to my professional work, I have been involved in the international human rights movement, following in my father’s footsteps. Also, I have participated in panels and served as a featured speaker at international conferences. I’m eager to implement and grow my skills and experiences as a remote team member for Instant Teams. 

I am very passionate about helping people, and I have ample experience in the customer service industry. I excel in complex problem solving by understanding my clients’ needs and providing them with customized solutions. Not to mention, I am very proficient at critical thinking and am able to put this into practice with each interaction I have with a customer. Over the last 10 years, I have worked in several different industriesfrom retail to auto claims, and nonprofit fundraising,  and as a result, I have developed many skills in providing outstanding customer service in every situation. Each industry has helped me refine my skills and has allowed me to perfect my trade. Client satisfaction is what drives me. If I am able to assist a client and provide them with satisfactory results, that is the most rewarding feeling. The career fields that pique my interest most are within the hospitality industry, as well as eCommerce. These are the most suitable career fields for me because I am motivated to provide each customer with outstanding service, and I am well versed in these industries.

Let’s get to (remote) work!

Now that you know how to write a bio that helps you land a position as an RTM with Instant Teams, it’s up to YOU to rise to the challenge and put these tips to the test.