Remote Work & Culture

What is Impact Sourcing?

Impact sourcing continues to emerge as an influential concept within the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Impact sourcing goes beyond traditional outsourcing by emphasizing efficiency and positive social change. 

Outsource Accelerator defines impact sourcing as “an employment model focused on providing opportunities for untapped talent in the services sector.” 

This approach benefits both the company and the communities involved, fostering economic growth, financial stability, diversity, and inclusion.

A Marketplace on a Mission

At Instant Teams, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this movement with our commitment to support and employ military spouses – “the force behind the force.” Too many military spouses are overqualified, undervalued, and unemployed.

Why this matters:

  • Military spouses are often overlooked in the hiring process due to frequent moves and gaps in employment.
  • The average active duty service member moves every 2-3 years, and many spouses are forced to leave their jobs.
  • Many military bases are in remote locations, making finding roles in their career field even more difficult.
  • More than a quarter of US service members have experienced food insecurity in recent years. 

Instant Teams created a solution to help military spouses find and retain employment with remote careers. We built our extensive talent marketplace to make it easier for military spouses to access job opportunities and improve the financial well-being of their families.

When companies choose Instant Teams as their talent partner, they enable us to provide employment to a community that has historically faced challenges in securing long-term work. 

Instant Teams & Impact Sourcing

Our diverse talent pool is largely comprised of U.S. military and veteran spouses and taps into one of the most underutilized – yet skilled – sectors of the global workforce. Here’s how we do it.

  • Skills-based hiring: Instant Teams uses skills accelerators, online assessments, and e-interviews to screen and verify candidates. 
  • Remote Work Opportunities: The ability to take a job wherever the military sends you can be vital for military spouses. It’s why Instant Teams is a remote-first (but not remote-only!) company.
  • Community Engagement: Instant Teams built Twelve Million Plus to give the more than twelve million military spouses a safe digital space to gather, connect, and share their knowledge and experiences.

Instant Teams is leading the way in impact sourcing by offering stable employment to military spouses, tapping into a skilled yet underutilized workforce while providing our clients with highly skilled candidates and customized BPO solutions. 

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