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Instant Teams Remote Ready Hawaii Success Stories: Meet Morning Glory

Instant Teams Remote Ready Hawaii Success Stories: Meet Morning Glory

Are you familiar with Instant Teams’ Remote Ready Hawaii program?

This program was created out of the need to improve employment prospects for Hawaii’s unemployed workforce, especially those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic due to its impacts on commerce and tourismboth of which are leading industries for the state.


Remote Ready Hawaii program participants can choose from two four-week-long training tracks that align with their goalsBusiness Development or Remote Support Agent, which will prepare them for remote work opportunities upon graduating. All graduates complete a four-week paid remote internship that aligns with their path and delivers real-world experience through Instant Teams.

For Morning Glory, a Remote Ready Hawaii graduate and resident of the Big Island, she saw the program as an opportunity to make a career change. While working in the restaurant industry, she discovered she wanted a position that better aligns with her goals and desires for more work flexibility.

“Straight out of high school, I was experiencing the pandemic,” Morning Glory shared. “Transitioning to college, it was 100% online. I got comfortable creating my own workspace at home. A remote job sounded pretty good for me. The flexibility was really good, too, because I didn’t want to continue doing what I was doing before. I wanted a life change.” 

T2K79N8LF-U024PNAE5RT-63f9fe447af9-512Morning Glory graduated from the Remote Support Agent training internship program, and

she’s currently working on completing a two-week training to take on the remote role of a Guide with Instant Teams. Throughout her journey towards becoming remote ready, plenty of self-discovery has taken place.

She went on to explain: “It’s [The program] helped guide me on things I want and things I haven’t experienced yet.”

Want to know Morning Glory’s biggest takeaways from Remote Ready Hawaii?

  • Know when you need that mental break. Often, with remote work, you get into a groove, and stopping and walking away might seem counterproductive. Thus, burnout has a better chance of rearing its head. On the flip side, you might be struggling to find clarity with a specific task. And that’s when a mental break becomes helpful, too. For Morning Glory, getting up and taking a walk gives her the clarity she needs to return to her desk to complete a task.
  • Find ways to utilize technology in a way that maximizes productivity. Morning Glory discovered she could use her iPad as a second “desktop” screen. Dual monitors offer many benefits while working remote – productivity being one of them! Learn more here.

In closing, here’s what Morning Glory had to say about her experience with the team behind Remote Ready Hawaii:

“It’s a really great support system. They all really believe in you and want to help you get to where you’re going. It’s a very dedicated group. That made my experience, overall, great.”