Employee Spotlights

Instant Teams Success Story: Meet Rachel S.

We’re thrilled to share another employee success story! Rachel is a military spouse and working mom. She’s been with Instant Teams for more than two years and was recently hired full-time by one of our customers. Rachel’s been a huge asset to Instant Teams, and we wish her luck on her next adventure! 

Rachel’s Remote Work Journey

In May 2021, Rachel knew she needed to find a remote position. She wasn’t sure how she would balance the needs of her three kids in a traditional role – especially after the pandemic. She was searching for remote roles on social media when she found the Qualifying Guide position with Instant Teams. 

Rachel spent several months in the position before moving to another Instant Teams account as a Customer Success Supervisor. Rachel’s role was critical in ensuring our customers get the support and service they need to reach their business goals. 

Rachel became such a critical part of her team that she was recently hired by one of our customers as an Onboarding Manager.

(Fun Fact – did you know that employers can directly hire our remote team members? This is what happened to Rachel! She did such a fantastic job as a remote team member that her account decided to hire her as a permanent employee.) 

“During my time at Instant Teams, I’ve learned that even though I put my career on the sidelines to focus on my family during periods of rapid transitions, my dreams are still valid, and there’s a professional community out there for me,” says Rachel.

Rachel thrives in her new position, relishing the chance to support her family while challenging herself professionally and financially. 

“Rachel has an enthusiasm for learning, dedication to her team, and consistently goes the extra mile,” says Jacqueline, Rachel’s former supervisor at Instant Teams.