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Meet ARTI: The Powerful Innovative Technology for Instant Teams

Instant Teams is now powered by its own powerful, innovative technology: ARTI! 

We’ve been hard at work over the last few months to polish this technology based on feedback from our customers.

Now, what does this mean for business owners looking to create a remote team with Instant Teams? Simply put, we can match you with talented remote team members quicker than ever! Plus, you can track the status of the positions and teams you’re in the process of building, individual productivity, and key performance indicators in real-time. 

So, today, we’re giving you the full scoop to help you get to know ARTI, and better understand how this new tool will allow you to scale quickly with a high-quality remote team.

(Side note for our community members seeking remote opportunities: get ready, because ARTI is coming next to the Candidate Dashboard with exciting new releases, notifications, and opportunities to engage in early 2020.)

ARTI? Who’s ARTI? 

ARTI stands for Automated Remote Team Innovation. And at its roots, it’s a real-time Customer Dashboard!

We’ve received lots of fun questions on why we named the technology that now powers Instant Teams. And it’s not unique to our company. In fact, many companies that are developing new technologies are giving names, personalities, and full-blown personas to the systems that help them run day-in and day-out.

Giving our technology a name helps facilitate a comfort level upon using a new platform for the first time, allows us to build in additional skill sets that make ARTI much like our remote pros—adaptable lifelong learners, and adds a fun component to our branding.

How can ARTI help you create and manage your remote team(s)?

Short on time? Watch this for a quick rundown: 

Remote Team Building: 

In ARTI, you can create and manage your teams from wherever you may be. When you’re in the process of adding a remote pro or building a remote team with Instant Teams, login to the software and enter the position type you’re looking to fill via a pre-populated list of options. These options fall under our three main umbrellas: Marketing, Tech, and Admin. For example, if you’re searching for a Customer Success Specialist, the position type you’d enter could be: Customer Support.

From there, you’ll input the skills needed (we have a lot that are pre-populated!), hours, and pay rate. And you’ll also have an opportunity to enter additional notes (such as if you need the remote team member to work set days/times), as well as files (ex. position description).

Once you’ve shared those necessary details and hit “Find My Team” on your position application request, congratulations are in order! You’ve entered the Matching phase. ARTI will get to work in matching you with a candidate that seeks the same position, possesses the skills needed, and has similar remote work preferences.

As your remote team moves through our pipeline, you’ll see the status icons update within ARTI—from Matching to Review/Accept to Start/Begin.

ARTI 2.0 Dashboard Iconography Legend 

When we find someone who fits the bill, you’ll get an email that notifies you to login to ARTI to review the candidate’s profile up against your position description. You can accept them for the position and subsequent onboarding process if you consider it to be a successful match! Otherwise, you can hit Reject, and the matching will continue.

Remote Team Management:

Mostly, from a remote team management level, it’s important to understand who’s working when, how many hours they worked, and how much of your forecasted budget you’ve used.

That being said, with so many things to oversee, how will you keep up with it all in real-time?

Again, ARTI is your one-stop-shop, giving you in-the-minute insights into your remote workforce. While you’ll receive no-hassle email notifications that keep you in the loop, when you login to the software, you can see all of your cost and performance metrics as it relates to your remote team members. That way, you’ll rest easy knowing that they’re performing while your company is saving money.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to join forces with Instant Teams and access this powerful, innovative software?