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Military Spouse Appreciation and Inspiration: Meet Betzaida Acevedo



It’s fair to say that most military spouses, veterans, and caregivers who want to work with Instant Teams are looking for quality remote work options, a flexible schedule, and competitive pay.  We’re thrilled to have them join us—we take pride in offering quality work-from-home career alternatives for underserved groups. This, of course, is why we built Instant Teams.

So, when a selfless and determined remote team member, military spouse, and caregiver inspires her family, coworkers, and customers to do big things, we get a little emotional and feel incredibly proud to share her story.

This is a snapshot of Betzaida Acevedo and her awe-inspiring Instant Teams’ success story.

Veteran Military Spouse and Caregiver

Part of Betzaida’s story is as common as thousands of other overeducated and underemployed military spouses—she simply wanted help to support her family. Finding meaningful employment during active duty years was difficult, but Betzaida had the foresight to know she would one day need marketable skills for future career opportunities. So, she maintained her education and certifications while working and taking care of her family, never thinking she’d become the primary provider and caregiver one day.

Betzaida’s experience transforms from ordinary to extraordinary quickly. Imagine unexpectedly becoming a full-time caregiver to a husband with a new Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and a sister battling cancer who has a young son to care for. Add in the pandemic restrictions and unstable employment outlook, and this is exactly the situation Betzaida found herself in just a couple of years ago.

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The Elizabeth Dole Foundation 

Our country’s leading military caregiver support organization, The Elizabeth Dole Foundation, estimates that there are 5.5 million military caregivers. Many are military spouses who take care of their veteran and children while precariously balancing work life. For Betzaida, and so many others, finding a career that embraced the unpredictability of caregiver status was daunting. For example, it’s hard to explain to a typical boss that you’ll need to miss work for a couple of hours each Monday to attend medical appointments with your spouse.

The Right Job at the Right Time

Betzaida’s Instant Teams’ story starts as a slow burn, watching the company diligently on her LinkedIn network for more than a year. Betzaida liked what she saw, but because she had seasoned military spouse experience, she was a little skeptical about a company that freely touted amazing perks like a flexible work-from-home schedule and competitive salaries.

After connecting with other spouses from Instant Teams’ official partner, Esposas Militares Hispanas USA, she finally felt the nudge she needed to apply. Little did she know that the company would immediately hire her after her interview. Her skills and talents were that impressive.

Betzaida joyfully remembered the day she was hired. “To be hired on the spot gave me so much validation because I am a professional. I’ve worked so many years.”


The Flexibility a Caregiver Needs 

During her interview, Betzaida was upfront about her family’s situation and the need for a flexible schedule because medical attention is rarely predictable. She was shocked to hear that Instant Teams not only supported her caregiver duties but encouraged her to create a plan that accommodates her family’s daily needs. Betzaida said, “It was really, really rewarding to be accepted just the way I was.”

Betzaida’s days start by taking care of her family. She helps with medications, meals, and dressing. She also drives her husband and sister to every appointment they have. Later, she often helps her nephew prepare for school. During the pandemic, she was his go-to support for at-home learning. She fondly remembers working at their computers together side by side.

Betzaida takes care of customers in the afternoon and evenings answering their insurance questions. She also shares the advice and knowledge she’s learned along the way with other spouses. She accomplishes everything with the positive attitude she’s well known for.

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Building Connections

There’s something uniquely ingrained in a military spouse that’s always looking to build connections, whether it’s in the neighborhood, in military support groups, or at work. Betzaida isn’t an exception. She knew finding work that accommodated her family’s special needs would be challenging, but she also wanted to feel like she belonged to a community again. After working with Instant Teams, not only does she feel connected to her coworkers, but as a Qualifying Guide, she builds rewarding relationships with her customers each day.

Remote Work: It’s a Family Affair

Over the years, and against a military life backdrop, Betzaida’s daughter and son saw firsthand their mom’s career struggles—from selling jewelry to working as a cashier—knowing she was qualified for more. Later, they watched their mom take on the role of caregiver for not one but two more adults and continuously try to beat unemployment.

When the pandemic hit, both kids found themselves in adult circumstances, looking for post-college work during one of the most tumultuous periods in modern history. Inspired by their mother’s tenacity, resourcefulness, and overall positivity, both have created and successfully operate online businesses today.

Betzaida recalled a conversation with her son about his new endeavors. He said, “Even if it doesn’t work out, I won’t feel like a failure because you’ve done so many things. Look at you, doing this job now! I know I can do anything.’’

She said, “It was very rewarding for me to hear my son say that. And, see me take care of the family and still work. I inspired him to do better, to move on and just stay positive.”  

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is the perfect day to share Betzaida’s journey to Instant Teams. She exemplifies our core values: serving with excellence and embracing change daily.  We appreciate her expertise, powerful positive attitude, and the life experience she shares with everyone she meets.