Unleashing Potential: How Overalls Has Scaled With Military Spouse Talent


Military spouses are experts when it comes to navigating life’s challenges. They’ve managed frequent relocations every 2-3 years, solo parenting during extended periods, reinventing careers, and adjusting to daily life in unfamiliar territories. 

That’s why Instant Teams and Overalls were a seamless match. Overalls’ mission is to make navigating life’s ups and downs as easy as possible through their pioneering LifeConcierge™ service. Offered as an employee benefit, Overalls offers assistance to busy employees with all kinds of life administration – from planning a move, to fixing a car, to welcoming a newborn. 

Since military spouses excel at solving problems and seizing opportunities, Instant Team’s remote team members integrated seamlessly into the Overalls LifeConcierge™ service. As Overalls addresses ‘life’s hassles’ across the country, Instant Teams’ informed and empathetic members efficiently handle thousands of concierge requests while embodying the core values of Overalls in every customer interaction.

Our leadership team has been genuinely delighted with the collaboration with Instant Teams. Their teams are easy to work with and provide high-quality resources with remarkable flexibility. We also appreciate the unique perspective and knowledge that military spouses have, and how they bring that real world experience to their LifeConcierge™ work with our clients. We’re excited about the opportunity to work together.” ~ Jon Cooper, CEO

By embracing military spouse professionals from Instant Teams, Overalls not only instantly expands its talent pool, but also demonstrates a commitment to impact sourcing, for the ultimate win-win. Join us in celebration of companies like Overalls who are committed to engaging, hiring, and retaining remarkable talent!! 

Cheers to you, Overalls.