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My RemoteQueue Success Story: Lorelei

Today, we’re closing out our blog series, highlighting RemoteQueue success stories of Instant Teams community members who, through patience and grit, landed a remote work opportunity!

Scroll on as Lorelei, a social media specialist, shares how she focused on further honing the skills she had while developing new ones while waiting for her remote work match to come along.

What was the process like landing a job through Instant Teams?

The process of landing a job through Instant Teams was pretty straightforward. I started by creating my profile and frequently going back in to update and add more keywords/skills to it. About four months later, I got my first introview opportunity. Instant Teams seamlessly coordinated the process of meeting the client and keeping me aware of tight deadlines (it’s “Instant” Teams for a reason!).

How did you stay encouraged while you waited in RemoteQueue?

While I waited in the RemoteQueue, I focused on further honing the skills I have and developing new ones. I took a Coursera course on SEO, for example, and sought other free resources to stay competitive and keep growing. I also kept my LinkedIn account shiny and current — if you are up for an opportunity, clients will probably go check you out!

How was it worth the wait?

Building a career with time and place flexibility has been a major gamechanger for our family. I started with my first client weeks after our first child was born. I was able to ease back into work (at 2 hours/week initially) and manage my time effectively, in a way that worked during that season of life for us. Since then, my hours have grown, and I’ve taken a second client through Instant Teams. My work-life balance is better than ever, and I have peace of mind knowing that inevitable life interruptions will not put a bruising on my career or our joint income.

What are the best things about working remotely?

Working in yoga pants, duh! But seriously, I save so much time and energy by not having to get professionally dressed and ready, drop off my daughter at daycare, then commute to a physical workplace. I can concentrate on what’s most important — the work — and I find that I feel calmer and more focused when I sit down to engage. Even with an infant at home, I feel more productive now than I was at prior jobs. The satisfaction of delivering quality work to my clients is sweetened with the luxury of managing my time and controlling my daily work environment.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to land a job through Instant Teams / waiting to get hired in RemoteQueue?

Don’t be complacent while you wait. Find free resources to bulk your skill sets, via LinkedIn Learning (military spouses get Premium for FREE!), Coursera, or even by reading articles or watching YouTube tutorials. Remember that with ARTI, keywords (skills) matter, so go through them every once in a while to update them. And lastly, stay positive! Be in the right headspace to present your best, most confident professional self when that first introview does come around.

Are you ready to level-up through the Instant Teams journey and join one of our 100% remote teams?