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My RemoteQueue Success Story: Wykita

We’re continuing with our blog series, highlighting RemoteQueue success stories from those within the Instant Teams community who, through patience and grit, landed a remote work opportunity!

Today, read on as Wykita, an administrative remote team member, shares how she stayed encouraged as she anticipated landing an opportunity with the right team at just the right time.

What was the process like landing a job through Instant Teams?

Being a military spouse, the number one pain is looking and applying for jobs day in and day out. Instant Teams simplified the process in the most amazing way possible. Simply create a profile and allow your professional skills to speak to the right team. It was so straightforward after completing my profile and being contacted about joining a team, I thought to myself, “Is that it?” Most straightforward employment process EVER!

How did you stay encouraged while you waited in RemoteQueue?

Encouragement came from following Instant Teams on social media and seeing all the great teams being put together. The RemoteQueue community is always sharing high energy and positive information. I was confident my time would come with the right team!

How was it worth the wait?

I am now with an amazing team with an amazing mission, and I couldn’t be happier. So thankful for the opportunity.

What are the best things about working remotely?

Flexibility, flexibility, and oh, flexibility! Having an unpredictable military lifestyle requires flexibility traditional work is not able to provide. Working remotely allows me to balance work and family life with ease.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to land a job through Instant Teams / waiting to get hired in RemoteQueue?

Be patient and trust that Instant Teams is working hard to match your professional skills with the right team at the right time.

Are you ready to level-up through the Instant Teams journey and join one of our 100% remote teams?