Our Core Values through the lens of this Celebrity Military Kid…

During the Month of the Military Child, we recognize our amazing, smart, talented, and quick-to-make us laugh military kids by having some fun highlighting a beloved celebrity mil-kid in an Instant Teams kind of way.

You already know Reese Witherspoon is a military child thanks to her dad’s service in

the U.S Army Reserves and that she lived in Germany for a few years. But did you know some of her best characters exemplify Instant Team’s four core values? They sure do, especially if you finesse the words a little and look past some of her on-screen characters’ perfectly imperfect flaws!

Have fun reading how Reese brings Instant Teams’ core values to Bradley, Elle, Melanie, and Cheryl.

1. We take ownership.

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Bradley Jackson, The Morning Show
Bradley Jackson’s sassy way of committing to finding the truth was the entire storyline of the first season of The Morning show, even when it wasn’t (especially when it wasn’t) convenient. She brought the devious titans of the morning show industry down by doing exactly what she said she would do—the right thing. Bradley could have taken the easy road with Jennifer Anniston’s Alex Levy and conquered the morning ratings showdown, but thankfully, her journalistic integrity got in the way.

2. We serve with excellence.

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Elle Woods, Legally Blond 
Elle’s effervescent spirit of excellence drove the entire movie’s progress. Whether it was her dedication to finding a way into Harvard or strategically planning her pretty pink wardrobe, she certainly went above and beyond everyone’s expectations. The line, “I’ll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be.” lets everyone around her know she’s ready to dig in, get the work done, and maximize each and every interaction with her crew.

3. We communicate mindfully.

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Melanie Carmichael, Sweet Home Alabama
There’s no doubt Melanie is full of purpose and intention as she heads home to Alabama. With a clear head and a confident stride, she thinks she’s ready to break a relationship, but in reality, she re-builds her most important relationship with mostly respectful banter despite Jake’s attempt to disparage her mindful communication, with the snappy line, “Honey, just cause I talk slow doesn’t mean I’m stupid.”

4. We embrace change daily.

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Cheryl Strayed, Wild 
Ok, so Cheryl Strayed is a real person, but Reese’s portrayal of her in Wild exemplifies the fearlessness needed to take on change. During Cheryl’s daily hikes through the Pacific Crest Trail, she encounters fellow hikers and locals who help her work through the personal improvement plan she needs to cultivate success and grow personally and professionally. She also learns quickly that any respectable hiker knows to leave the trail better than when they started.

Reese’s iconic characters bring a humorous twist to what drives Instant Teams’ success. We’re proud of our four core values, and we think they’re pretty powerful. If you’re new to Instant Teams, we hope you’ll take a look and see how they connect with yours.