Spouses Hiring Spouses

As a military spouse-founded/led corporation on a mission to employ military spouses, we’ve always strived for meaningful collaboration that brings value to all. When Liza and Erica started Instant Teams in 2016, many of the company’s first customers were fellow military spouse entrepreneurs. 

As we’ve grown Instant Teams over the past 7 years (and launched Twelve Million Plus this last Spring!), we’ve learned what it takes to bring a marketplace approach to the military spouse community when it comes to employment opportunities. This means MORE jobs, MORE companies, and MORE collaboration.

That’s why we’re launching a new dedicated space in the 12M+ Job Marketplace alongside ten fellow military spouse-owned companies that hire and scale military spouse talent as a part of their business model.

We’ve brought these ‘Super 10’ together to get their roles and opportunities in front of the military spouse community. 

  • Active Duty Passive Income
  • LOGSA Mil Moves
  • Organized Q
  • Operation Child Care
  • Powerhouse Planning
  • Squared Away
  • Talents ASCEND
  • Tiny Troops
  • Wise Advise + Assist Team
  • Instant Teams // Twelve Million Plus

The 2022 Blue Star Families Military Family Life Survey states an incredible 98% of military spouse entrepreneurs would hire other military spouses as they scale and grow their businesses. We love nothing more than seeing the spouse community unite and demonstrate collaboration done right!

Like Instant Teams, these companies are all committed to the employment and financial security of military spouses. They’ll be regularly posting and sharing their open roles and opportunities in 12M+ with instructions on how to follow up, apply, or connect further.

We’ll also be hosting brief LIVE sessions with representatives from each company over the coming weeks so you can get to know them and ask questions.

If you’re a military spouse, you’ll see an array of Instant Teams-specific opportunities in your Instant Teams account. You can also find the community collective of opportunities in Twelve Million Plus. (And, your login for 12M+ and Instant Teams is the same!)

So, come join us as we launch this new partnership!