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3 Companies Innovating With Remote Teams and Outsourcing

3 Companies Innovating With Remote Teams and Outsourcing

Outsourcing and remote work models can add value and productivity for your internal team, influence customer success and help ensure growth in the post-pandemic market. Three companies, in particular, are innovating the way they approach business by scaling and building teams using untapped remote talent.

#1: Assurance 

As opportunity widened to serve more people and consumer demand increased, Assurance needed greater access to a skilled and scheduled workforce. Enter Instant Teams with its large pipeline of ready-to-work veterans and military-connected talent.

Assurance is 100% cloud-based, making it well-designed to engage often untapped talent pools, such as those who need remote and flexible work, including military-connected professionals. 

Instant Teams now has more than 250 Remote Team Members engaging with shoppers to help them navigate the Assurance platform, all with the end goal of providing customers with access to the products they need in a seamless way. Learn more about our customer support teams.

#2: Amazon 

Amazon is partnering with Instant Teams to better connect diverse, underserved talent with opportunities across the company, starting with military spouses. Amazon’s first partner in their military spouse remote work initiative, Instant Teams is a natural fit for the project with their quick, custom-built pipeline of remote talent from the largest database of military-connected candidates in the industry. With an 82% military spouse ratio and a robust diversity commitment, Instant Teams’ soon-to-be-released direct-pipeline solution is helping grow Amazon’s Seller Support Team by creating new opportunities for untapped remote workers.

Beth Conlin, Senior Program Manager of Military Spouses for Amazon, shares, “The partnership with Instant Teams was a natural fit,” said Beth Conlin, Senior Program Manager of Military Spouses for Amazon. “We had high-volume needs for technically capable employees, and Instant Teams has the mechanisms in place to both vet and verify that candidates have the skills we need.” 

Instant Teams’ success in the remote workplace, honed since its founding in 2017, gave Amazon the confidence to move into the first-ever partnership of this kind.

#3: A Leading Cybersecurity Company

In 2019, a large, US-based cybersecurity company contacted Instant Teams to help build a 24/7 customer hotline from the ground up. Its existing incident response routing system was inefficient and underutilized, incurring additional costs and hourly overtime increases – even interrupting the sleep of Tier 2 and 3 incident response professionals.

Instant Teams’ globally-located workforce covered all incident response shifts — including overnights — and offered 24/7 support. Its unique, fit-to-scale concierge model allowed them to develop a more efficient process flow for shift agents to follow — one that the cybersecurity company continues to use and build on. Each incoming call was better prioritized, more secure and highly protected, and internal team members enjoyed more uninterrupted rest.

Remote Teams: The Workforce of the Future

For many companies, seeking a partner to help build, scale and manage high-performing remote teams is far from a last resort; instead, it’s a strategic decision geared toward better serving their diverse customer bases. Instant Teams’ fully distributed workforce and mission to provide employment opportunities to military spouses, veterans, caregiver and survivors – while helping companies solve the challenge of finding and retaining high-performing talent in an increasingly global world – allowed them to help each of these three companies improve processes, better serve a customers and scale up military spouse hiring and remote work initiatives.

This change also sparked the companies to step further into the remote work world – a space many are calling the future of work. A recent Forbes article reports that, as employees transition back to in-office roles in the post-pandemic climate, nearly 60% of people see remote work as critical to job satisfaction, and would look for a new job if they were unable to continue working remotely in their current role. Additionally, 65% of professionals say they prefer to work remotely and are searching for opportunities that allow them to do that permanently. Partnering with a remote team marketplace partner like Instant Teams – established experts in remote work staffing and management – can offer the freedom, flexibility and expertise you need to level up your organization.