A Veteran and Military Spouse Returns to Instant Teams

October 19, 2023

If we haven’t had the chance to meet before, I’m Suzanne. I’m an Air Force veteran, military spouse, and working mom. (I originally shared more about my experiences as a veteran and military spouse in this blog post.)

I originally joined Instant Teams in 2019 as a Sales Manager. I had recently transitioned out of the Air Force and had no idea what my career would look like. Now that I was a military spouse, I was running into roadblock after roadblock. (Sound familiar?) 

Somehow, Instant Teams Founder and CEO Liza Rodewald saw something in me and gave me a shot. I had no experience and had only recently learned what business development was, but I hit the ground running, determined to make a difference. Failure wasn’t an option. I was working to support a mission equally important to me as my active duty times.

After a gap year, I’m happy to share that I’m back.

I’m excited to return to the company that took a chance on me. Instant Teams taught me more than I could have imagined – I’ve grown in ways I never expected and have made lifelong friends.

It’s time to carry on a mission that has never left my heart. 

Learn more about Instant Teams

Instant Teams was founded to create dynamic talent and outsourcing solutions for employers and remote careers for military spouses. Our diverse talent pool is largely comprised of U.S. military and veteran spouses and taps into one of the most underutilized – yet skilled – sectors of the global workforce.

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