Announcing an EPIC Milestone for Instant Teams and Military Spouses Across the Globe


It’s been a rough few weeks. With a tough 2 years almost behind us all continued unrest and uncertainty all around, many emotions come and go daily.

As a company seated in the hustle and bustle of the military community daily, we are no strangers to uncertainty but it never gets easier, in fact, just feels harder each time a new challenge, situation, or unexpected change steps into the picture.

With the current events, we all need some good news. Reminders that hope, progress, community innovation, and opportunity are swirling around us each and every day.

We’re excited to share that we raised a $13M financing round led by Tiger Global and *might* possibly be the first ever military spouse owned and led organization to achieve this feat.  In the midst of the world’s uncertainty, we are so honored to have the committed support from so many angles: the venture capital world, enterprise-level customers, Department of Defense, state and local governments, the community, and YOU. Seems like a great way to reassure you that we’re here to stay, share what’s next and what this means for the community.

But first, thanks.

6 years ago, our founders, Liza Rodewald and Erica McMannes, exchanged a simple Facebook message about launching a new way to aggressively hit unemployment issues for the community head-on. They’d heard programs telling employers for years that “spouses are smart business” and felt a deep obligation to lead the way and BUILD that business case with technology and scale in mind.

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 10.03.03 AM4 months later in September 2016, they announced this new concept to the world on social media and were met with both profound support but also stark skepticism.

Within 18 months of the launch, both Liza and Erica left their current jobs, purposefully becoming unemployed to build something that had never been built before:

A Remote Team Marketplace with untapped talent at the helm.

Flash forward to March 2022, Instant Teams has:

  • Over 500 employees across the globe
  • Over $17.5 Million in revenue has been generated for remote employment of military families
  • Over $1 Million in government and federal funding was secured in 2021 for remote workforce development
  • Over 1 million hours of remote work generated since 2017
  • Built proprietary remote team technology with use case of military spouse employment at its core.

What does that mean? It means we believe in:

  • Skill based hiring
  • That gaps in resumes hold a story and are not detrimental to one’s professional development over time
  • That each and every person has a professional story to be told (You can check out a few of those stories here, here, and here!)

What’s next?

With this investment you’ll see:

  • Many new corporate team roles open
  • Upcoming announcements on incredible leaders joining our leadership teams
  • Quick technology advancements to your Dashboard and My Story capabilities
  • Remote team employment opportunities increasing


We can’t thank you all enough for your trust and constant feedback. We knew in the fall of 2016 we had to have the trust and support of the community before we could even try for our first customer. And you all did JUST that. Showed up, believed in us, have supported us through all the growth stages, and we are honored to have you here front and center as we step into the next phase.

Cheers all around!!!

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