Remote Work & Culture

Getting Started with Instant Teams

Tell us your story.

At Instant Teams, we know how important it is to tell your story.

That’s why we’ve built the new Instant Teams dashboard with you in mind by reinventing the traditional resume for a closer look at who you are and the value you bring to the remote work world. (That explains why we’ve appropriately named it “My Story”!)

Let’s walk through your new My Story on the Instant Teams dashboard for a look at what you can expect to see.

(Please note, to unlock the new features, click on the module to check your information or update it, then save!)

Contact Information 

Share the best way to get in contact with you and where we can send your tax information. Make sure to keep your address up to date so that you can be selected for location-specific opportunities.


“Seeking” Toggle

Turn on your “Actively Seeking” toggle if you are open to receiving emails and hearing about remote opportunities from our recruitment team.


Progress Bar

Is your Story complete? Now, you can see at a glance if your Story is complete and ready to place you into the right remote work pipelines — or whether there’s still some work to do.


My Bio

When you own your story, you own your value. In your My Story Bio, you have the chance to explain who you are and what you can bring to the table.

Need a hand? Review some of our tips on how to write a bio of your past that can help shape your future.


General Information

Share your preferred number of hours, pay rate and more, all in one place. Use this space to let our Recruitment Team know what you’re looking for in a position to help us put you in the right remote pipelines!



Share your ideal schedule and when you’re available to work. This will help us send you only the opportunities that align with your availability, reducing the headache of sifting through endless inappropriate opportunities.

Make sure to come back and adjust your schedule as your life changes.



What technology do you have in your remote work toolkit? Some positions require you to own certain “supplies” for a seamless startup. Use this space to share what operating system and equipment you already have at home. Note: If you’re lacking tech, don’t let this hold you back! All accounts have different requirements, and knowing what you’ve got just helps us continue to place you in the right pipelines.


Experience and Education

Obviously, your Story is bigger than your work experience and education. And Instant Teams focuses on skills first — the hard, soft, and transferable skills you’ve acquired throughout your life that best determine your remote work success. But your journey up until now is an interesting one, and it deserves to be shared. This is the place to show us the experience and education you’ve obtained along the way. Remember: ALL experience and education are valid, even volunteer or intern work, so add what you’ve got!


Certifications and Assessments

Setting aside time to further your education and grow your skills can drastically improve your remote career success. What certifications and assessments have you completed to help you skill up? A willingness to learn shows growth potential, which is an important quality for any team member.


Skills & Positions

We want to know more about your experience with different demographics, positions, software and more. This will help our Recruitment Team identify you for opportunities that fit with your specific experience. Don’t forget to enter the number of years of experience you have in each area!

Demographic Experience

Tell us more about your experience working with different demographics. This will help you stand out to our Recruitment Team to identify you for positions that fit your experience.


Software Skills

To succeed in a remote work environment, you must be knowledgeable in certain software. Put the spotlight on any software you’ve worked with to show you can make the transition onto a remote team as seamlessly as possible.



This section allows you to select the types of positions you are looking for. Are you interested in Customer Support, Operational Support, Sales Support or Technical Support? It’s important to select each type of position you are looking for and add all relevant skills to your Story. We only know what you tell us, so be an oversharer.


Language Experience

¿Habla español? Are you proficient in writing or communicating in another language? Let us know! Adding in these little details helps our Recruitment Team find you.

mystorylaunchlanguage-16Industry Skills

In this section you will select the industries you have experience in and our system will provide a list of relevant skills to select from. This will help our Recruitment Team identify you for specific opportunities.



Culture is a huge determinant of employee engagement and satisfaction. There is no one-size-fits-all “perfect culture,” so we want to know how you prefer to work so that you can thrive in your perfect remote environment.


Self Identification

What makes you you? No matter what it is, we value it. If you are open to sharing this information, we’re all ears, because we’re committed to diversity, equality and inclusion in the remote workplace. This information is optional, but it helps us better understand our community and what your needs might be. And rest assured – employers will never see this information!