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Instant Teams Success Stories: Meet Philip

Instant Teams Success Stories: Meet Philip

When Philip was on the hunt for a meaningful job within his career field, he never could’ve imagined one thing that would’ve gotten in his way: a pandemic.

But after scouring the Internet, he came across a company that had a deep meaning and mission. That company was Instant Teams, which happened to have a job opportunity that seemed quite a bit different (and fitting) than anything Philip had seen offered before.

Our marketing team chatted with Philip to learn more about what led him to Instant Teams and what remote work means to him.


A Snapshot of Philip

With family members in the military and law enforcement, what drew Philip to Instant Teams was its social good. It’s inevitably built into Instant Teams’ DNA, as nearly 94% of the employed workforce features military spouses and/or veterans. Not to mention, the fact that he had a greater opportunity to care for his familysomething that’s often not possible when working outside of the homewas a huge plus. Greater flexibility and freedom was finally within Philip’s reach thanks to Instant Teams.


Finding Work That Makes Life More Colorful

As a member of a remote team, it’s no surprise you’ll have a chance to collaborate with people of vastly different backgrounds while living in entirely different locations. For Philip, besides being at home and around his family, that’s what he considers to be the best part about remote work. As someone who’s currently living in Michigan, when he has the chance to talk with his team members in different locations who are doing different things, he shares that it makes life more colorful. It’s certainly something you wouldn’t get to experience to the same extent when working in a traditional environment.


We asked Philip to share the most rewarding thing about his remote position, and here’s what he had to say:

“The people that I get to interact with. I’ve never had a job with so many kind, genuine, and caring people that want to do a good job and work hard. It’s kind of hard to find people like that and so many of them in one place […] They’re looking to do the best work that they can and not settle for less […] All the different perspectives that I get to see and experience and the different lifestyles, I’d say that’s the most rewarding thing is the diversity, and creativity, and kindness of all the people, as well as the work ethic and drive.”



While our remote workforce is distributed across different time zones, technology connects us and helps us cultivate community with RTMs like Philip each day. As a result, Philip has found rewarding work through daily connections and communications here at Instant Teams.


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