Remote Work & Culture

Is it possible to shake up the BPO space? We think so.

Business process outsourcing isn’t new – but companies are reevaluating their vendors and looking for increasingly agile solutions. 

Enter Instant Teams. 

Our customers trust us to create workforce solutions to meet customer service, operational, sales, and technology demands. We’re not your traditional BPO partner – and we’re proud of that.

Business process outsourcing with Instant Teams

Instant Teams manages every step of the process: recruiting, hiring, training, and continually optimizing remote teams on your behalf. Our proprietary technology allows us to create custom business process outsourcing solutions to meet your operational needs.

We offer flexible solutions that integrate our teams into your day-to-day business environment. We also augment staffing levels to handle peak seasons, temporary surges, and special projects. With Instant Teams, you can access a globally dispersed workforce and 24/7 multilingual support,  empowering you to deploy assistance where your business needs it most.

What does this mean for our customers?

We pride ourselves on lower-than-industry-average attrition rates as well as meeting and exceeding service levels with a highly skilled, consistent staff. Our workforce can meet a variety of client needs:

  • Quickly ramp teams for year-round, seasonal, temporary, or project-based work
  • 24/7 coverage that leverages our globally dispersed workforce
  • Opportunity to hire directly from your assigned team

Our proprietary verification and screening process gives our clients the ability to scale quickly, increased speed-to-proficiency, and lower-than-average attrition rates. 

Shaking it up

Impact Sourcing is on the rise (and for good reason!). At Instant Teams, we’re using new ways to screen and verify candidates and opening up opportunities to a broader employee pool. We look beyond a traditional resume to verify candidates through:

  • Skills-based hiring
  • Online assessments
  • Skills accelerators
  • E-interviews

This scientific approach to hiring accurately indicates an employee’s future success and is actually proven to improve retention rates.

We’ve been doing this from the beginning. Instant Teams was founded to create dynamic talent and outsourcing solutions for employers and remote careers for military spouses. Our diverse talent pool is largely comprised of U.S. military and veteran spouses and taps into one of the most underutilized – yet skilled – sectors of the global workforce.

Want to learn more about the Instant Teams Talent Marketplace and how business process outsourcing can work for your business? Reach out here.