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Remote Ready Success! Meet Three Graduates of Instant Teams and SECO’s Game-Changing Training



Anytime Instant Teams can work with a trusted community partner to enhance military spouses’ career opportunities, we’re on board, especially if the partner is as renowned as the Department of Defense’s Spouse Education & Career Opportunities (SECO) program. Last year, that was just what we did and launched Remote Ready, a first-of-its-kind skill training and remote employment pilot program designed specifically for mid-career military spouses.

More than 500 eager military spouses jumped at the opportunity to apply for this DOD-funded program to enhance their expertise and take their professional experience to the next level. When finished, they’ll earn Remote Ready Certification and complete training in one of four tracks:

  • Full-Stack Software Engineering
  • Insurance Agent
  • Data Analytics & Reporting
  • Sales Development

After the inaugural rollout, we’re excited to share three recent Remote Ready success stories featuring Amanda Lopez, Esmeralda Truitt, and Ashley Burney.

As you read, you’ll notice that the women’s backgrounds are distinct, but when talking with them about their experiences in their specific tracks, each one mentioned how much they enjoyed collaborating with other military spouses, whether it was chatting in a Slack group, sharing resources, or attending weekly meetings. Military spouse community-building skills always transcend, no matter the industry!

Amanda Lopez – Data Analytics & Reporting

“I’ve always wanted to stay at home with my kids, and I’ve always wanted to contribute financially to my family.”

It’s not every day you hear someone talk about finding their dream job, especially if they’re a military spouse. But Amanda Lopez is one of the lucky ones. She happily describes her stay-at-home mom/work life as a “dream status.”

Amanda didn’t just fall into dream work status; she’s worked hard over the years to find and build a career in computer science. She even went the extra mile to secure her spot in the Data Analytics & Reporting track.

Amanda wasn’t immediately accepted into the program, but her perseverance paid off when a last-minute opening became available. She literally got the call and started her program the same day. Knowing she wanted to maximize her learning and fully retain her newfound skills, Amanda decided to quit her job and dedicate her time to earning her certification. She even converted her laundry room to a functional work from home office.

Persistent, adaptable, and organized. Sounds like a quintessential military spouse, right? Amanda’s honed abilities paid off; she’s considering her first remote work offer since the course ended.

Esmeralda Truitt – Sales Development

“I learned a lot of little details that I hadn’t used before I worked virtually—they’re definitely useful. They’re something that I will probably use and apply everywhere I go. I also liked learning at my own pace, without pressure.” 

They say moms run the world, and Esme Truitt isn’t an exception; instead, she’s the shining example. She serves as a military spouse while running a household that includes five kids aged 2 to 11. AND, she’s operating at full speed most days, working as a team lead (after only three months) for Instant Teams, finishing her degree, and recently completing Ready Remote’s Sales Development track.

We all know military spouses have diverse work experience, but not many can say their expertise in the diamond (yes, those diamonds, cut, color, clarity, carat) industry led to remote work success. After working in the jewelry business for years, Esme found herself unemployed after an OCONUS move and again after the pandemic closed many customer-centered companies.

Exceptional work-from-home opportunities spread fast through milspouse communities; that’s how Esme found Instant Teams. Not only did she apply, but she was hired on the spot, thanks to her extensive background in sales. So when Instant Teams and SECO announced the unique opportunity to expand her training in the Sales Development track, she was all in and ready to skill up for new work opportunities with Instant Teams and beyond.

Ashley Burney – Data Analytics & Reporting

“You can 100% build a career and be successful working from home.”

Take Ashley Burney’s advice and encouragement—this military mom of four knows about remote work. For nearly 15 years, she’s supported her family and spouse’s career working from home. In fact, she completed the Data Analytics & Reporting track while maintaining her management position with an online education technology company.

Her employment history starts like many military spouses, with one giant pivot. Ashely was on track to go to pharmacy school, but love sashayed into her heart, and her soon-to-be husband’s commissioning changed her career path to teaching and later to work in ed-tech.

Ashley embraced remote work early on and enjoyed the flexibility over her husband’s military service but realized, at her mid-career point, that she needed to upskill to fully take advantage of future possibilities. So when the Remote Ready program came her way, she was primed and set to work toward the certification that would offer the skills she was missing while simultaneously preparing her for new career options.

Now that she’s completed the data analyst track, Ashley wants to build on the foundations the course taught her to secure future career advancement and expand her marketability with her newest professional license.

We’re so proud of Ashely, Amanda, and Esmeralda for graduating from the Remote Ready program! Are you inspired and ready to build your Story with Instant Teams and get notifications of upcoming opportunities like the Remote Ready program? Connect with us.