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My RemoteQueue Success Story: Brianna

You’ve heard us talk a lot lately about our leveling up process, allowing you to follow your Instant Teams journey as you move from one level to the next:

  1. Level Up—creating a winning profile.
  2. Skill Up—becoming a pre-qualified Instant Teams candidate and receiving an invite to join RemoteQueue. It’s our exclusive Facebook group that provides you with information on open position details, invites to monthly virtual remote career events, and real-time engagement with our People Operations and Customer Operations team members.
  3. Queue Up—showing what you’ve got via a general internal interview, which serves as the frontline defense of culture fit and remote work readiness.
  4. Remote Pro—having your skills verified and completing your video interview means you’re queued up and ready to go as we assemble future remote teams for our customers.

But the waiting game in RemoteQueue can sometimes be challenging as you anticipate a match being made between your skills, experiences, and preferences, and what an Instant Teams customer is looking for. And for that reason, we’re kicking off a new blog series today, highlighting RemoteQueue success stories. You’ll hear from Instant Teams community members who, through patience and grit, landed a remote work opportunity!

First up? Read on as Brianna, an account specialist, shares how she kept her skills sharp and volunteered as she waited for her remote work match to come along. 

What was the process like landing a job through Instant Teams?

The process of landing my job through Instant Teams was unlike any other I had been through while applying. With Instant Teams, I knew where I was during every step of the process. Everyone I interacted with was so friendly and encouraging. While interviewing, I knew I was being prepped for each step until I made it to the final interview and landed my awesome job as an Account Specialist!

How did you stay encouraged while you waited in RemoteQueue?

While I waited in RemoteQueue, I knew there would be an opportunity that would come up that my skills and experience would be a perfect match. In the meantime, I stayed encouraged by interacting with members of Instant Teams. With any comment or message, there was always a response, which made me feel at ease. That let me know they were truly working to find a great match for me to work remotely. Also, I wanted to keep my skills sharp, so I participated in volunteer opportunities to keep adding skills to my profile. 

How was it worth the wait?

I completely understand how hard it is to wait for that job you want to land, but when that time comes, it is such a feeling of accomplishment! The wait while looking for remote work with Instant Teams is very much worth it. They truly love what they are doing and are working hard to find an amazing talent pool of military spouses to obtain remote work. I will say it again; it was worth the wait!

What are the best things about working remotely?

My newfound work-life balance! I am able to watch my dogs play in the yard while I work, go to the cute coffee spots for a change in scenery of my “office!” The best part, however, is the feeling of security when PCS season is upon us. We no longer base our station list on places I would be able to get a job vs. places we know would be hard to find a job. Working remotely has provided me a career I can continue to grow with instead of just finding another job.  

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to land a job through Instant Teams / waiting to get hired in RemoteQueue?

Keep those skills sharp! I am a huge advocate of volunteering while looking for a career. Volunteering gives you a chance to build skills that are very transferable into position descriptions! Not only do you learn new skills, but it also shows employers you care for others, and you are willing to lend a hand when needed. Having workers that volunteer adds great value to employers.

Are you ready to level-up through the Instant Teams journey and join one of our 100% remote teams?