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Specialized Remote Teams Members +
Remote Team Technology

Instant Teams integrates specific in-house medical systems with our proprietary automated remote team innovation. Using that knowledge, we build medically trained Virtual Receptionist & Virtual Scribe teams to build, deliver and power customized telehealth solutions for hospitals, clinics, and medical organizations.

Changing the Face of Mental
Health for the Armed Forces

Depression, mental health, and behavioral health issues are some of the toughest challenges facing our armed forces today.

Many military leaders and organizations have united in the fight to provide more mental health resources to our soldiers. Instant Teams is joining this battle, but through a new approach, by combining technology with people to give doctors and care providers time back to see more patients.

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How It Works

Remote Support Teams Built via Our Proprietary Automated Remote Team Innovation Software Platform
We provide the complete functionality of a recruiter + hiring team + HR compliance manager + payroll manager.
We find the team talent and deliver for review and approval. We hire, onboard, and maintain compliance.

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Customer Requirements

  • Discovery Call
  • End-to-end solution, design of teams¬†
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  • Remote team members are sourced from around the globe in every time zone
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  • Talent presented to customer for introduction interview (Introview)
  • Integrated into company within 5 days
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  • Onboarding
  • Payroll
  • Time Tracking¬†
  • Replacements

Teams We Build

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Virtual Scribes

Medically trained scribe to capture ‚Äėreal time‚Äô all of the notation and documentation required.

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Virtual Receptionists

Creates Telehealth appointments, troubleshoots technical issues with patients and initiates the telehealth meeting on the day of the appointment.

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